Monday, July 18, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This week was really awesome full of incredible lessons until we got to Friday. Friday and Saturday we literally walked around all day because all of our appointments fell through. 

Saturday we stopped for a minute to watch a parade and then as we started walking up the street again. My companion asked if a lady carrying a giant bag of clothes in her hands and a child on her back needed help. She immediately asked us what religion we were from and as we walked with this bag down to her house she told us a little bit about herself and said that she had visited with missionaries when she was younger and wanted to visit with us again. It was a little miracle that was sent at the time it was needed.

Sunday, in church, a member brought her friend who said that she liked what she saw and she also wanted to visit with us. 

I will not be here to see if any of these people make it to baptism but I will help them as long as I can. I really know that hard work pays off. Sometimes in ways that we're not expecting but the Lord does bless His servants. :)

I love you all!!!!

Love, Hermana White

Oh, something funny: Everybody tries to yell english words at us. We had someone yell Merry Christmas at us while we were walking the other day. 

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