Monday, January 25, 2016

This Week Literally Flew By

This week literally flew by. I feel like I never left internet last week.

For pday last week we did a zone pday. We ate lunch together and then played volleyball for like 2 hours. It was a blast, especially because this is my first zone in which no one's area is far away so we can all join in. I did, however, forget that we are a little closer to the sun her than in Huanuco... and I've been in a constant state of sunburn since... well, basically since I got here. I should really stop being stubborn and put some sunscreen on.

This week we've been working super hard. We've found so many new investigators. It's been such a blessing. We also planned a sister meeting, which we had on thursday. We're over five companionships of sisters and we planned a meeting (no elders allowed) where we talked about our divine nature and roles as sisters and set goals to work with the members and teach people on the spot as we're contacting. We then did some practices but we made them a little more fun. We wrote down names of characters and a necessity (like Peter Pan with an adiction to drugs.... he thinks he can fly or Cinderella, she doesn't feel like she has a purpose in life). We then had some of the sisters play the characters and some of the sisters contact them, find out their necessity and then teach them something about the gospel. If you really listen, everything relates to the gospel. It was a very beautiful meeting and fun at the same time.

Friday we did divisions. I was able to go out with Hermana Godfrey, she came with Hermana Petersen into the mission and was actually her companion in the CCM. She had a rough time in training but she always has a smile on her face. It's amazing what you can learn from other missionaries.

I love you all so much!!!!

Love, Hermana White

Monday, January 18, 2016


Last Monday I got a call from President Henderson during internet asking me to serve as a sister trainer leader in Huancayo. So before we found out transfers I already knew where I was going. I just had to wait two days to find out who was coming to be with Hermana Petersen. I'm fairly certain that I was more nervous than she was to find out. Hermana Martiniano from Uruguay went to Pedro Puelles and Wednesday I travelled to Huancayo.

Thursday was a day full of blessings. My area I'm in is neighboring La Libertad, the area I was in before. I'm actually in the same stake as before. We passed by the chapel in our area and there was a youth activity. I believe it was some sort of EFY... and one of my converts was there! Abelardo. He ran to the fence to say hi and I literally jumped up and down. He says he's doing great, he's still active and he said the youth program has helped him a lot. Later in the day we were trying to contact a reference and we couldn't find the street so we knocked on a door. We tried to contact the man that answered but he said he already knew about the church and that his son Jorge was a member in La Libertad.... Jorge is a convert of mine as well! He's completely active as well! It was so amazing to see and hear about these people that I love so much.

Sunday I was able to meet the new ward and there are so many amazing people here in this area. A lot of people help us with references and we're trying to have a family home evening every night to work even more with the ward.

I love you all, I truly know that God loves us and He watches over us and personally blesses us.

I'll let you know more about the life here in San Carlos next week.


Hermana White

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

To be sung to the chorus of Taylor Swift's 22

Oh I can't see you
but you're turning 42
everything will be alright, you
still have so much to do
Oh, you can't see me
but I know you want to
Just know I'm dancing cuz you're
42 ooooooo

Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Again

I just want to start out by saying thank you for the package that you sent. My comp and I got our Christmas packages on the same day so we had Christmas again and opened them.... it was almost more fun than opening them on Christmas. Thank you so much. I loved reading your testimonies and I about died when I opened the envelope with the Christmas stories. My favorite one is the one about the boy who plays the innkeeper in a town pageant and tells Joseph and Mary that they can have his room instead of sending them away. It's just always touched my heart and I read it outloud to my companion. When I read it I heard my moms voice instead of mine. God knows us and loves us and knows how to comfort us during hard times. I testify of that. I loved the simple, heart-felt testimonies that everyone sent.

This week was a normal proselyting week. The only big news is still the negritos dancing in the street... Peruvian traditions are fantastic. Actually speaking of Negritos. The elders, us and our ward mission leader had mission correlation on saturday and when we came out there was a group of negritos dancing outside of the chapel. There was one part of the song where some of the people dressed up went and took some of the people watching and danced with them. The elders jokingly told us we should leave the gated chapel and go out because everyone wants to take a gringa out to dance... we stayed inside and waited until everyone was distracted and then we ran to our next appointment.

I'll just share some spiritual moments with you all.

Sunday was the last sunday of Jimena, a missionary going to Argentina. The relief society was planning a farewell for her and when Jimena left to go talk to the bishop we practed a song. In english it's called "In the Hallow of thy Hand" and it talks about a mom sending her child off to the mission and asking God to protect them. It was very special to listen and watch everyone in the relief society singing and crying.

We also had a lesson with a new investigator and she told us she didn't feel worthy to pray. We said a prayer with her right then and there. We kneeled down with her and it was very special to hear her plead with our Heavenly Father for forgiveness. We can only hope that she realized that the gospel really can help her.

I love you all and pray for you daily.

All the changes in the ward and with the people I know are insane....It'll be a different world when I go back.

Herman White


President just called me and I'll be serving as a sister leader this next cambio with Hermana Quelca from Bolivia in Huancayo.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year!!!

The highlights of this week have come from Peruvian traditions.

First: the negritos
Huanuco used to have slaves and (if I get the story right) every year they would make them dance. Now there is no slavery but people still dress up in elaborate "negrito" costumes and dance in the streets. My compnaion has probably thought that I have an obsession because I run to the window every time I hear the Negrito music. I don't have too many good photos but you should all look up the Negritos of Huanuco. I love these Peruvian traditions.

Second; eggs on your birthday
On your birthday people smash eggs on your head. Let me tell you about my birthday. In the morning my comp and I were exercising (sorry, can't spell any more) and our neighbors (also sisters) knocked on our door. I answered it, saw a camera, knew what was coming, dodged the first egg and then backed myself into a corner.... pictures to come. We then had a district meeting later during the day. There are two districts from our zone that meet in the same building and we all get together after district meetings. This time they all surprised me with a cake. They're pretty great :) Everybody then left and my companion and I were the last to leave the room. We were about to leave when we saw the other missionaries still outside... waiting. I refused to leave the building so they came in..... more egg pictures to come. 

Everybody that we went to visit wished me happy birthday and gave me hugs. Beatriz bought me another cake. I love these people here they are so amazing and so generous. Yes they throw eggs at you but that's ok. It's how they show their love. My favorite part of the day was when Naysha, a 17 year old less active that we are working with prayed for my companion and I by name. I love them so much.

I love you all so much and I hope you had a fantastic holiday season!!!! 

Love, Hermana White