Wednesday, February 18, 2015

¡Arroz es vida!

Lets just start with the airport shall took me about half an hour to get through security at the Dallas airport because my bag had to be checked by hand and then it came up hot or something like that.... and then my shoes came up hot so they had to check stuff multiple times and do a pat down.

I was able to meet up with a bunch of people in the atlanta airport (there were seven elders and eight of us sisters). I sat by a girl going to Peru to teach first grade. Shes been on several mission trips, has the most adorable Georgian accent Ive ever heard and was just the sweetest thing to talk to for seven hours (no sarcasm implied)

Every two weeks a new group of Americans come in, we were this weeks new group so they only get about 16 Americans every two weeks. The CCM is super small and only has about 70/80 missionaries here right now, its been really fantastic to get to know everyone. Every two weeks a new group of Latinos come in (and then leave every two weeks so theyre always changing out) but its been super cool to talk to them. Theyre really patient with us americans as we try to communicate with them. Ive actually been able to make several latino friends though. My companion and I play voleibol with them every day during physial activity time (after running of course, yes, I know, its ok to pass out from the shock).

Meals, ok get ready to be jealous, Ive had passion fruit desserts and juice several times (maracuya), basically the most delicious fruit youve ever had. Oh and granadillas look like monkey brains but they are super good too..... you should look up a picture of one. I came because of fruit and (1 nephi 8:12) and if there were no other reasons Id be staying because of fruit. Every day for breakfast we get eggs and for lunch and dinner.... rice and chicken, chicken and rice, and sometimes Ill get crazy and mix them together. Its all delicious though. Arroz es vida.Americans have week stomachs though... ever heard of montezumas revenge??? yea, we call it monty around here, we're super familiar with him around here.

Compliments of Hermana McDonald
Companions!!!! companions are the best. Mine is Hermana Larsen. Picture libby, but 5'4". She's really struggling with spanish but I think thats why we were placed together. God is in the details. Ive been able to help her with spanish and shes been able to help me with keeping me happy. I havent cried yet but I think I got a little depressed for a couple days.... thats ok, Im better now :)

Speaking of spanish, I can speak it better than most of the people that have been here for 6 weeks. Its been improving everyday and one of my teachers asked me to assist with the other students in the class. We've learned the vocab needed to pray in spanish and to bear our testimony. Hermana Larsen thinks shes falling behind a little and she gets so frusterated but she knows more than she thinks she does. We taught our first lesson today (they have time set apart where our teachers pretend to be investigators) and I taught most of the lesson but she was able to bear a beautiful simple testimony and say a prayer. Our efforts really our enhanced. 

El dia del san valentine! Thank you so much for the card. It really, truly was an awesome surprise.... although I must admit I did not wait until valentines day.... my bad. There are two companionships in our room, Hermana Larsen and me and Hermana Pali and Hermana McDonald (our teacher calls her hermana hamberguesa). But hermana McDOnald is an artist and drew us all little valentines cards. Ill take a picture of mine and send it next week.... I have no pictures because we're only allowed to take them on P-day... but Ill have some next week.

Everything is fantastic here. The people are amazing. Although its been a hard transition its been a good one. 

I love you all, please send pictures!!!
con amor, Hermana White

Oh! The Latinos that play voleibol with me call me Hermana blanca :)

Oh OH! there's a girl here with a miranda voice better than caties

"dont cross your fingers, cross your arms" -Hermana Pali

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  1. It is soo good to hear how she is doing. I love that she mixes the rice and chicken to be crazy. ;) Just like Steven would mix the rice and beans :)
    I am curious about the fruit she is talking about, and how we can get some here. :)