Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hermana White Is Off To Peru!

Hermana White Leaving For Peru CCM
Yesterday morning Hermana White began her journey to the Peru CCM prior to reaching Huancayo. She flew out of the Dallas-Ft Worth airport to Atlanta where she met up with a group of missionaries also traveling to Peru. Her flight from Atlanta arrived in Lima, Peru at 00:05 Wednesday 11 February, 2015. 

We actually had no communications how her travels went at all, however in this case I believe it is a case of 'No news is good news'! Others had received emails upon arrival indicating that they had arrived safely, so we were anxiously awaiting the email. It popped up at around 08:00 this morning, and in the true style of Hermana White was very informative. Here is what she sent.
I love you all. The plane was fantastic. Most common phrase heard yesterday by group traveling: sister white, what does this mean? :) guess I'm pretty good at what I do :)
This did not really surprise us. While she was on the FHS swim team, she was nicknamed 'Mother'. I can see the nature spilling over here as well, and I'm pretty sure she enjoys it! :)

Having said all of this though, we still had no idea when we would hear more from her. As if sensing our question, another email quickly popped up.
oh and I have my name tag, talk to you all on P-day
All is now clear... 

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