Monday, April 13, 2015

Como un Pizza

Well, everyone comments on my legs. Everyone!!! It's like they've never seen a with person with red spots before. I told my district leader when he asked if everything was good health wise with us that my legs were como un pizza (like a pizza) and he just laughed. It's ok, everyone just says I have sangre dulce (sweet/candy blood)

Me (jungle missionaries wear jungle dresses),
Hermana Johnson, joao's grandma, joao
and hermano samuell (the second counselor who baptized joao)
The baptism this week was incredible. It didn't really feel like my baptism because he just kindof fell into our hands when we came into this area but you know, some are sowers, some are reapers, and some just get handed the fruit to wash it off and clean it. Joao is his name. He's 15 and he's been coming to church since October but he only recently wanted to be baptised. I suppose you don't receive an answer until after the trial of your faith right? His testimony was incredible and it was even more special to have a 15 year old boy who I helped teach and who became my friend get baptized on the same day as my little brother. Basically Ben and Joao are lo maximo (the best)

My spanish is getting better, especially the understanding part. I mean, it's easy to teach a planned lesson or share a scripture that you planned/read that morning but it's even cooler to be able to sit there and understand what the person is talking about.They probably get tired of me staring at them the whole time, but whatever helps right? :)

I love you all!!! I got a call this morning that I'm going to Lima today. Short notice, but asi es la mision (so is the mission). So I get a little vacation to go to immigrations, I've heard you get pizza hut when that happens, so that's cool.

You all are the best, I love you so much :)

Con amor, Hermana Blanca

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