Monday, April 27, 2015

So I Found The End Of The Rainbow

Literally, there was a rainbow and I followed it all the way down to a river. So, if you were wondering, the end of the rainbow is in La Merced and there's no gold at the end, just some dirty water.

So this week has been quite the adventure. I feel bad for missionaries that feel like they just do the same thing every day. Yea, you've always got people to teach, and contacts to make and there's always going to be study time and whatever but there is always someting new and exciting every day. Wednesday there were emergency transfers, not for us, but the two girls that were coming to replace the sisters in a different area stayed with us. They were so sad because they were just called that morning and told that they were moving areas. I really hope I never have emergency transfers, you just grow to love the people and then you just have to leave them. Gah! It's so scary! Anyway, we kindof just had a girls night with them and that was fun. They were  both latina sisters so the girls night was in spanish so that was cool.

The other day our pension gave away a cat because it kept getting into her food... and then the cat came back (insert cat came back song here) so she asked us to put the cat in a bag and get rid of it. We brought it to this cat city we found up in the hills. And then that same day in the morning it rained like a ton and we walked down the muddy rainy road to our appointment... and this probably does not sound cool to anyone else but it was cool to me.

Hermana Johnson is super talented. She can find a harmony to just about any song. We did a special musical number in sacrament meeting yesterday. It was Oh My Father to the tune of Come Thou Fount. We sang the last verse in english and it was just super pretty. I'm always in awe at the wonderful power that music has to bring the spirit.

I love you all!!!!

Please pray for the apostals, I've heard that two especially are going through difficult health problems. If it's their time to go, yea, there's nothing stopping that, but your prayers are heard.

Also, I've received the Mower family newsletter every month that I've been here, so that makes me feel super special.

I love you all so very much and am so grateful that we are an eternal family.

(also, the 10th is my cumplemes, so we'll be skyping on my 3 month birthday)

Love, Hermana Blanca

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