Monday, April 6, 2015

Your Legs Are So White It Looks Like You're Wearing White Socks

Just a short commentary about the title prior to Hermana Blanca's letter. As we first read this letter we wondered at the strange, but understandable title. When asked is someone told her this her reply was:
Yea, a 17 year old named Aldo, we were having a noche de hogar (fhe) at his house.
So, while we are completely used to this phenomena, it appears it is new to La Merced Peru. Now on to the letter. 

I Hermana White, having been born of goodly parents felt extremely blessed the week of conference in the year 2015 in the month of April.

Seriously we don't know how lucky we are. Physically and spiritually. This past week I've gone with my companion to teach families that have never come in contact with the gospel before, families that cannot be baptized because of living situations and families that recognize the light that we have in our lives. They want to teach their children the gospel but don't know where to start. They look at my companion and i and wish they could have grown up in the gospel like we have. 

I encourage you all to thank God for the family you have. For the opportunity that you've had to grow up in the gospel. Share it with others. They're looking for that opporunity too, they just don't know where to find it.

On a more temporal note, take a warm shower for me... I won't be getting one for a while. Atleast while I'm serving in this area :)

Also I would just like to let you know that the welcoming committee in the jungle is composed of mosquitos. My left ankle looked like a pregnant lady's ankle because it was swollen so much (it's getting better, don't worry but my legs just kindof look like they have the plague)

This week has been super fun. First, last pday we went to a waterfall! It was super wet (because, you know, of the water) and super beautiful. We had divisions the next day and I went out with one of the sister leaders to her area. We went out to eat for dinner to a little hole in the wall place that had english people working there! It basically blew my mind. And then of course we had conference! I LOVE CONFERENCE! How blessed we are in this time to have a living prophet that speaks to us and the opportunity to listen to apostles who have received direct revelation from God to know what to say to us. My companion and I watched conference with the sister leaders in a little room in the chapel where they set it up in English for us :) The Latino elders kindof looked at us weird when we brought in snacks and candy.... apparently conference party excitment is a U.S. thing. I know my questions were answered :) I hope you'll take time to go back over the conference talks and search for personal revelation. 

"I'm no saint, that is, unless you think a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying"

I love you all!!!
Happy Birthday Mia and Ben!!!

Love Hermana Blanca

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