Monday, July 13, 2015

5 Months Down

So there's some scripture in the Bible that says something like: take no thought in what you should eat or wear (something like that, I'm paraphrasing here). Well I'm here to tell you that this scripture is absolutely true. The Lord takes care of His missionaries. The other day we were walking up a hill to visit an investigator and I thought to myself, I'm kindof hungry right now, I'd kindof like a snack. The sister was super busy so we planned another time to meet with her and then before we left she said, oh hey, have some popcorn. Yea, I know, it's small but it's the simple things that count. (also, this happened on my five month cumplemes)

Also, free slurpee day was this past weekend... in case you wanted to know. They don't celebrate that here becuase the date is 11/7 instead of 7/11

Saturday the ym and yw in the stake all got together and each ward performed a dance from a different country. We got to go because we brought an inavestigator :) I don't know why but I always tear up in these sort of things. A bunch of youth getting together and just having fun... somehow it just gets me. It was such a fun event.

Sunday we had a stake meeting...and the stake president brought pizza!!! YOu could tell who was American and who wasn't by looking at how many pieces of pizza they got. I think our pensionista is making pizza tonight too.

Also, Peruvian honesty
Example 1: my pension and her husband call eachother gordo/ gorda
Example 2: Are you sick? No. Well you look like it -the pensionista

I love you all so much :)

Love, Hermana White

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