Monday, July 6, 2015

Never A Normal Week

There will never be a normal week in the mission. Yea, there's a schedule and rules and everything but there is always something that comes up.

Martes: Pday this week was Martes instead of Lunes. Our pensionista and her husband took us to some parks. Peruvian parks are super cool because each one of them is different and they're all  mad from cement but designed super cool. We went out to eat with them (pollo a la leña). Then we played some minute to win it games with our district. One thing we did was a 3 legged race.... we've got a trio in our district so that was interesting.

Miercoles: Divisiones. I stayed in my area and one of the sister leaders came to do divisions with me. It's kindof nervracking when you've been in your area for less than 3 weeks and you're already doing divisions and you have to show someone else around and teach with someone who's not your companion.... but it was fun :) and she said I did a good job so woohoo

Jueves:... normal

Viernes: We witnessed the jerkiness of Satan. We had two people who were going to be baptized on Saturday. Their baptism interviews with the district leader were Friday night. We got to the chapel and the office elders were not there so we couldn't get in. We called them and they said that they'd be back in like an hour... great. We called the ward secretary who said that the bishop had the keys... who said that he'd given them to a joven (a young man). Ok, so keys to the chapel are not an option. On top of this it's pouring rain so we're huddled in a tienda accross the street from the chapel. The elders didn't show up until about half an hour late. Which happened to be before the people who were being interviewed showed up. We were stressing a little but there are always blessings in stressful times. The lady in the tienda gave us chairs to sit in while we waited. A ward member opened up her house to us so we could do the interviews and both passed their interviews!

Sabado: We had interviews with the president, I got chocolate for helping my companion learn english and Jorge (21) and Jefferson (12) we baptized!!!!

Domingo: My first sunday in the area where we had actual meetings. The ward is cool

I love you all so much and pray for you daily.

Love, Hermana White

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