Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year!!!

The highlights of this week have come from Peruvian traditions.

First: the negritos
Huanuco used to have slaves and (if I get the story right) every year they would make them dance. Now there is no slavery but people still dress up in elaborate "negrito" costumes and dance in the streets. My compnaion has probably thought that I have an obsession because I run to the window every time I hear the Negrito music. I don't have too many good photos but you should all look up the Negritos of Huanuco. I love these Peruvian traditions.

Second; eggs on your birthday
On your birthday people smash eggs on your head. Let me tell you about my birthday. In the morning my comp and I were exercising (sorry, can't spell any more) and our neighbors (also sisters) knocked on our door. I answered it, saw a camera, knew what was coming, dodged the first egg and then backed myself into a corner.... pictures to come. We then had a district meeting later during the day. There are two districts from our zone that meet in the same building and we all get together after district meetings. This time they all surprised me with a cake. They're pretty great :) Everybody then left and my companion and I were the last to leave the room. We were about to leave when we saw the other missionaries still outside... waiting. I refused to leave the building so they came in..... more egg pictures to come. 

Everybody that we went to visit wished me happy birthday and gave me hugs. Beatriz bought me another cake. I love these people here they are so amazing and so generous. Yes they throw eggs at you but that's ok. It's how they show their love. My favorite part of the day was when Naysha, a 17 year old less active that we are working with prayed for my companion and I by name. I love them so much.

I love you all so much and I hope you had a fantastic holiday season!!!! 

Love, Hermana White

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