Monday, January 18, 2016


Last Monday I got a call from President Henderson during internet asking me to serve as a sister trainer leader in Huancayo. So before we found out transfers I already knew where I was going. I just had to wait two days to find out who was coming to be with Hermana Petersen. I'm fairly certain that I was more nervous than she was to find out. Hermana Martiniano from Uruguay went to Pedro Puelles and Wednesday I travelled to Huancayo.

Thursday was a day full of blessings. My area I'm in is neighboring La Libertad, the area I was in before. I'm actually in the same stake as before. We passed by the chapel in our area and there was a youth activity. I believe it was some sort of EFY... and one of my converts was there! Abelardo. He ran to the fence to say hi and I literally jumped up and down. He says he's doing great, he's still active and he said the youth program has helped him a lot. Later in the day we were trying to contact a reference and we couldn't find the street so we knocked on a door. We tried to contact the man that answered but he said he already knew about the church and that his son Jorge was a member in La Libertad.... Jorge is a convert of mine as well! He's completely active as well! It was so amazing to see and hear about these people that I love so much.

Sunday I was able to meet the new ward and there are so many amazing people here in this area. A lot of people help us with references and we're trying to have a family home evening every night to work even more with the ward.

I love you all, I truly know that God loves us and He watches over us and personally blesses us.

I'll let you know more about the life here in San Carlos next week.


Hermana White

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