Monday, February 1, 2016

Emergency Transfers...

This week started out right... with mexican food. Last monday we had a pday de hermanas. In one of the wards here there's a sister from Mexico so we asked if she could teach us how to make enchiladas. She didn't teach us enchiladas but we did learn how to make tortillas (cornflour and water..... if you wanted to know) and she made something with the name of chilakiles (or something like that). Basically it was fried tortillas, peppers and cheese. It was delicious. Then all of the sisters in Huancayo got together to play sports. We're not allowed to play soccer with the elders so it was just about the only time that us sisters could get together and kick a ball.

Thursday we did divisions again with a different companionship of sisters from the ward Nuevo Horizonte. We invited them to our area and we split up for a couple hours and then got back together to do a family night with a family in our ward. It's really amazing what you can learn from every single sister.

Saturday morning literally 30 seconds after waking up we got a call from the zone leaders saying that the sisters in Nuevo Horizonte had emergency cambios and we had to go to the terminal to send Hermana Coltrin off to Pedro Puelles. This worried me a little because Pedro Puelles was my old area so they had to be having transfers as well. Turns out Hermana Petersen was coming to Huancayo! I had done divisions with the sister that was going to Pedro Puelles just two days earlier and I really felt that she was needed there.

Sunday we had stake conference. La Libertad (another of my old areas) is in our stake so I was able to say hi to so many people. I love these people here so much and it's so amazing to see them change and progress and grow.

I love you all!!!!!
Love, Hermana White

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