Monday, February 8, 2016

llamas... not as cute as you think they are

Last monday our zone went to an are called Mayopampa to play sports and minute to win it games.... etc. Well, turns out that in this area there are llamas that are NOT fenced in. We were all thinking it was pretty cool until the llamas came over to our stuff wanting to get into it. I thought: "hey, good time to take a selfie with a llama".... 
llama selfie

then the llama attacked me. It jumped up on its hind legs and basically angry chest bumped me. 
Hiding from the llama

At another moment in time my companion tried to pull it by the rope it had around it's neck and it ran after her and almost trampled her. It was a journal worthy p-day.
rescued by my companion

Tuesday we had leaders council and all the zone leaders and sister leaders from the mission came to Huancayo. The assistants spoke to us about focusing on Christ because he really is the center of our message. President and Sister Henderson spoke to us about teaching by the power of the Holy Ghost. Then.... we ate pizza!

Thursday we had a zone meeting and the zone leaders asked my companion and I to teach the zone about what the assistants taught (focusing on Christ). It was a little nerve racking because the assistants are in our zone but it turned out super great. I've really learned that when you don't know what to say... just share your testimony. Talk about what you know.

Saturday we helped with the baptism of a family in our ward. Their son is eight so it's not a baptism we can count for the mission but the dad is less active and we've been working with their family so when they asked us if we would be there we said yes. It was a very beautiful baptism. What touched me the most was that right after Antoni was baptized he changed and the first thing he did was run out and hug his mom. (insert tears here).

Sunday President and Sister Henderson came to our ward. They actually live in our ward boundaries but if they were normal members they'd be considered inactive due to the fact that they travel to the different wards in the mission all the time. Sister Henderson went with us to relief society and she told us that all the leaders might have to travel to Huanuco to meet with Elder Godoy of the Seventy this Friday. Huanuco!!!! I'm so excited.

I love you all!!!!

Congratulations to the Schmelz family. They look so happy in the pictures that you send and I love telling people here about the families lives that are being blessed. Please remember that being a friend is the best way to share the gospel.

Love, Hermana White

Also, to answer Libby's question I have eaten chicken feet and guinnea pig and they are both delicious.

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