Tuesday, March 8, 2016

16,000 feet above sea level

Yesterday I couldn't write because our zone went to Huaitapallana. We got up at 5:30 in the morning and about 30 missionaries and us went and hiked a mountain. We hiked past a couple smaller lakes and up to a glacier. It was super beautiful, so green and very very cold when you weren't moving. We're all a little tired today but it was definitely worth it 😃

We also celebrated Elder Evan's (one of the elders in our ward) birthday yesterday night. I went to set my camara down on the couch and found an egg... It was extremely satisfying to egg someone, I think I know why they do it here now.

The past week we had a leaders meeting again. There's always a training before we discuss how we can better the mission and the training this month was on role of Prayer in conversion. I really have felt the power of prayer these last couple weeks as I've been trying to really focus on others and better my prayers. It works. I know it does.

We also had a zone meeting this past week. Our zone didn't change to much this last transfer so it's fun meeting with the same people and still working with them. 

I love you all, sorry I couldn't write yesterday.

Love, Hermana White

Also... general conference is in less than a month!!!! Get excited!

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