Monday, March 14, 2016

Pie Day

To quote a letter I received for Christmas from Evan: "3.14 is PIE backwards, coincidence? I think not" Happy Pie day everyone!

This week has been full of surprises.

The first surprise being that after hiking up Huatapellana we weren't too tired the next day when got right back to work.

Wednesday we went out with a member to do her visiting teaching. She had a couple less actives on her list so we went to find them. One of the sisters we found... wasn't even a member. We're going to go back during this week so that we can see if her daughter is a member or something. We then found another sister who has been less active since she was about 10. She's a single mother with 6 kids. We're really excited to start working with them. We actually had a lesson with two of the daughters and they're really excited to start visiting with missionaries.

Saturday we had a ward mission activity. We set up a scripture treasure hunt and split up into groups. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. There were five groups and they gave a prize to every group (it's a mission activity, everyone has to win). Something super cool was that everyone immediately started sharing their prizes with the other groups. More people showed up a little late so Elder Evans had us all sit in a circle and play another game called "do you love your neighbor" it's kind of like fruit basket. Everyone had a blast.

Yesterday the elder's pension invited us over for cake for his birthday. We got there at about 8 at night.... and found the elder's pension, her familiy and the elders sweeping water out of the house. The house had flooded and was convered in mud. We asked if we could help and Elder Viñola said that he thought we should clean the kitchen thinking he was funny because the kitchen had gotten it the worst. Well, we cleaned the kitchen. It took us an hour and fifteen minutes. We felt super bad for the familiy. The house isn't ruined but a lot of their things were. But while we were cleaning everyone was joking and smiling. No one was complaining. No one was crying. It was quite the experience. I'm so grateful for the blessings in my life and that I live on the third floor. There's no water on the floor..... sometimes there's no water in the shower ;)

I love you all. Remember to count your blessings big and small. 

Love, Hermana White

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