Monday, March 28, 2016

Cereal and Yogurt and Yogurt and Cereal

We're going to blame everything that happened this week on the fact that the young single adults went to jungle for four days. 

The stake asked our pensionista and her husband to accompany the YSA on their trip so for four days we were left without anyone to feed us.... how did we ever survive before the mission? We have no idea. We ate cereal and yogurt for breakfast and dinner for four days. It's not entirely our fault because we don't have a kitchen in our room. For our lunches we still ate rice and chicken. We went to some of the sister's pensions or we ate in little restaurants that sell peruvian chinese food. Basically, long story short, we were super happy to eat eggs this morning :)

Also, one of the companionships of hermanas that we're over had emergency cambios so we were in a trio for a day and a half. We actually had some really good lessons but there was a lack of communication between some missionaries and her new companion didn't arrive until after we had been waiting in the office for an hour and then President's house for another hour.

We had some exciting things happen as well. My companion and I were probably the people most excited for the general women's conference so we told everyone about it and invited everyone. So many people that we have been working with came to the conference. It was incredible. The conference itself was amazing as well and I'm sure everyone was able to pick up on the messages of service and love. I hope we all can look for more opportunities to serve those around us.

Also Rocio is an investigator that we've been working with since January. She's more active than some of the members and she has a baptism date for the 16th of april.... but the stake still told her that she couldn't go to the YSA activity. We were a little worried that this would be a little disanimating for her but we had a lesson with her on Tuesday and she was fine. She's more than fine. We set a plan with her so that she can mark her own dates on the lessons that she receives and we gave her all the pamphlets. She's reading them all by herself and answering questions that are in the back of the pamphlets! She's amazing and we're so excited for her baptism.

So that's been our week so far. It's been quite the adventure :)

I love you all so much!!!!

Love, hermana White

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