Monday, May 16, 2016

Just over the bridge

The zone leaders called us tuesday night and told us the transfers. I didn't believe them but they told me that I was leaving the area to go be companions with...... Hermana Sinks! My area is called El Tambo and I should be finishing my mission here because Hermana Sinks will have 5 transfers here so she'll be leaving at the end of this transfer. The other sister leader area is neighboring San Carlos just on the other side of the river so all I had to do was cross the bridge. We sent some sisters off tuesday morning and I found out that I'm a grandma now!!!! Hermana Petersen is training and we're in the same zone!!!! Hermana Sinks and I are basically the same person so we're thinking that this transfer will be super awesome (I'll take better pictures next week).
This week was full of exciting transfer news. Monday Hermana Sinks (the other sister leader in Huancayo) came to stay with my companion and I because her companion finished the mission. We were in a trio for two days and then she went to stay with some other sisters in her area tuesday night because a sister got called to train. 

That's the exciting news for this week.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!!!

Hermana White

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