Monday, May 9, 2016

The secret to missionary work is the work

One of the things that we've really seen this week is that when we put in our part the Lord helps us even more. My companion and I realized that we hadn't been working as hard as we had before Chio's baptism and so this last week we decided we needed to work harder. We weren't really sure how to do that because we were still visiting people and everything we just didn't feel like we were doing our best. Wednesday morning after studying we took 5 Restoration pamphlets and said that we weren't going to return home or eat lunch until we had given them all away in some good contacting. We said a prayer and left the room. In the first house that we contacted we were able to share the Restoration with a young woman who is catholic. The lesson was really good and really spiritual. We contacted and gave out all the pamphlets and we felt very satisfied when we went in to lunch. We realized that what we were lacking was a desire to complete the goals that we set every week and every day. We had a zone meeting on Saturday and we gave a training on what we had learned about really working to reach the goals that we set. 

It was so awesome to talk to my family on saturday. Everyone's getting so big and it's a little sad to not be there right now but I know that I'm here for a reason and I'll be working hard until I go home so that it can be an even sweeter reunion.

We had a ward activity here on saturday and my companion and I made chocolate chip cookies with our ward mission leader to share with everyone. So many people came to the activity. Every organization made a dish from the coast, the jungle or the mountain area (the three regions of Peru), they shared how they had made them and then every body ate. Some less actives and invistigators came and Chio has her calling in the Primary so she actually helped the Primary presidency cook. This ward has become my home away from home.

I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!! We have transfers tis week so I'll let you all know next monday if my companion and I are staying together... again or if we have transfers.

Hermana White

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