Monday, May 4, 2015

So Basically We're Reactivating A Celebrity

So this week was incredibly busy. We had so many lessons this week, that we actually met the standard of excellence in the lessons area (rarely done, like if you meet these standards you're basically superman... or woman). One of our lessons that we had was a street contact. We contacted a mom and her twelve year old daughter on wednesday and then on friday we went to their house for lesson 0. The 0 stands for oracion, or prayer, basically in a lesson 0 you get to know the person and teach them how to pray. Anyway, we go to the house and a different daughter lets us in and we're sitting on the couch waiting for the mom and we see really expensive technology like an apple computer and cameras... we were kindof wondering where we were and if we were still in the jungle. The mom comes in, we meet here and then the dad comes in. He says hi to us and then tells us, "oh yea, I was baptized in your church like 30 years ago" What?!?!?! So that's cool and then he was totally encouraging the rest of his family to listen to us and be baptized, it was awesome. We found out though that he's famous. He puts together books about Peru: pictures, writing and everything. Like he goes and camoflages himself and takes pictures of jaguars, he speaks the native jungle language, he even told us about a plant that the natives have that gives you the opportunity to hug rainbows. We're fairly certain that's against the word of wisdom. It's like one step up from a tree hugger, he's a rainbow hugger. Anyway, it was super super cool to talk to him. His name is Henry Ginez... you should look him up, see if he has a wikipedia page or something.

Other than that... nothing to report. It was a fantastic week!

I love you all, I can't wait to skype!!!!

Love, Hermana Blanca

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