Monday, September 21, 2015

It may not be on the mountain hight.....

Or it might be.

So, like I mentioned last week, there's a giant mountain in our area with stairs that go all the way up it. We counted them and one flight (yes there are multiple) was 300 stairs long. By the time I leave this area I'll be able to do squats for years. Anyway. One of the days this week we got to the top of those stairs and then another flight and we thought.... well, we might as well just climb to the top. We ran out of stairs and started hiking up the dirt paths which aren't really paths. We made it to the top and the wind was incredibly strong but it was incredible to just look out and see all of huanuco. It was beautiful.

One of the things my companion and I really enjoy is door contacting. In the states I'm sure that we'd have a lot more doors slammed in our faces but here everyone just wants to talk about their family and their house and how busy they are and the tragedy that happened to their chickens. It's super easy to talk and share stuff about the gospel with them. This is a grand blessing for me because we all know how much Tara loves talking to strangers. Hermana White, however, loves it :)

There isn't too much to write about this week. Just know that I love you all, I pray for you every day and I'm having the time of my life.

Also, there are mosquitos again.... which is fun :)

Love, Hermana White

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