Monday, September 28, 2015

When President Comes To Town

So first of all if any of you have ever seen the movie The Best Two Years that is the most accurate movie of the mission I've ever seen. Especially the part where they get a short notice that their mission president is coming to visit and they freak out. So instead of four elders if you could just picture four hermanas with short notice that their mission president is coming to there room to check it it'd be fairly accurate. We didn't have to flip any pictures over or anything like that so no se precupe pero it was quite the frenzy.

So yea, President Henderson and his wife came to Huanuco this week. We had false alarm room checks and then actual room checks. We also had interviews with President Henderson and practicas with the assistants to the president. It was really funny. We were leaving our room to go to our interviews and we were the most nervous people you'd ever seen because of the practicas. Everything went well. Our practice was awesome and the assistants had nothing bad to say about it and then talking to President Henderson is always great. You just leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next three months of the mission. I was able to talk to him about past companions, the area here and I asked him how I could really live this time in the mission to it's fullest. He's such a wise person and you can really just feel the spirit when you talk to him. I feel so priviledged to be a missionary serving in this mission at this time.

Also we had women's conference!!!! It's basically like Christmas. Hermana Henderson came to pick us up from our room so we didn't have to spend our pasaje to get to the stake center. Hermana Henderson is the greatest. She is so funny and driving to the stake center was a blast. First of all you need to know that driving on the roads here is intense, I can't even compare it to anything. So us four missionaries are in a real car with Hermana Henderson basically in awe that she can manouver the roads. We then got to watch conference in English which was nice. I love conference so much. I'm super excited for this Liahona to come out so that I can read these talks over and over again. I especially liked the first talk on divine nature.

I'm super excited for conference this weekend! Please pray for the prophet and the apostles. They really do need all the strength they can get.

I love you all so much!!!!

Love Hermana White

Oh also! There are these cute little kids in our ward that call me Hermana Blanca. It's adorable!!! Also, please excuse my english I'm pretty sure a lot of it is not gramatically correct.

PS. My sister leader got permission to go into the mall today so that we could find shoes my size

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