Monday, September 7, 2015


This week was full of surprises.... well the weekend at least.

Thursday we were studying and we heard voices outside of our window. When we peaked through the curtain we saw a couple that was basically eating eachother. We closed the curtain super fast and since our study time was over we went up to our pension to do some service for our pensions daughter's babyshower. Our pension was washing dishes at the moment and we told her about the story. She went over to the window to look and then tossed her dishwater out the window... three times. We love Hermana Mary :)

Friday all was good. Lessons were going well and it was just a great day. We finished with a lesson in the chapel. The chapels here have a locked fence around them and you can only get in or out with a key. We were finshing up the lesson and the Elders came and told us to just close the chapel when we were done and they were going to leave the door open for us. After the lesson we closed the chapel and went to the gate.... and, of course, it was locked. We were locked inside the chapel at 9 at night with a member and his investigator girlfriend. The Elders had to come rescue us Luckily they're pretty nice guys.

Saturday my comp went out to our little patio, wash area place and I heard a scream.... so did our pension's husband from upstairs. There was a rat!!! Hermano Carlos came down and killed the rat with two poles. It was actually quite impressive but I never want to see a rat again.

Sunday was good. Sunday's are always good :) Actually now that I think about it Sunday was awesome. We've been working with some recent converts that have become a little inactive because they don't really have a firm testimony in the Book of Mormon. They both came to church!!! The second sunday in a row.

We find out transfers tomorrow night. Anything could happen I'll let you know next week :)

I love you all!!!!

Love, Hermana White


I have a secret admirer in CTR 7 in the Kaufman ward. :)

We also made cookies with a member.

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