Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Well, we had transfers this past week. My zone in Huancayo pretty much stayed the same... except for me :) I had cambios. I'm currently serving in Huanuco in an area called Pedro Puelles. The climate here is perfect although there is a lot of wind, like a lot (I had to pull a marylin monroe the other day with my skirt) and there's a lot of dirt also which means that we have to shower twice a day. The ward is fantastic, a lot smaller than the ward in Huancayo, but awesome. The biship is only 32 years old and really works with us. Also, there is a giant hill in my area with stairs that go all the way up it. My thighs have never been so strong in my life. I love this area!

Also, my companion. Her name is Hermana Trujillo. She's got three months in the mission, is bilingual and from spanish fork, UT. The first this she asked me was: Hey, is Kenny White your cousin? Also she went to Brockbank elementary for kindergarten just like I did. We're basically best friends.

This week my comp has pretty much been showing me the area. Yesterday, for PDay we left early with our zone and two other zones all packed on one bus to go a place called 5 lagunas. when we were about 20 minutes away our bus broke down and so we just started walking. Some people walked faster than others and some people had thrown up the night before (yea, it was terrible) so they walked slower so we were all scattered along the road. The bus got fixed like 45 minutes later and came and picked us all up. It made me think about the parable in the bible about the workers that all received the same amount of pay. Some had walked farther and some hadn't walked very far at all but we all got picked up by the bus and we all made it to the same place. It really only mattered that we were heading in the right direction. The area was beautiful that we went to.The area here just reminds me of Utah. It's beautiful.

I love you all!!! I promise I'll be able to write on monday next week!

Love, Hermana White

The homecoming pics look fantastic! It looks like everyone had a super fun time! I love that everyone went together. There really is strength in numbers.

Also, mom, to answer your question. I think the song you're looking for is come thou fount and you can use the words of oh my father

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