Monday, October 12, 2015


This week was a blast. Monday for pday we got all the hermanas together and we made tacos! After rice and chicken and potatoes for eight months now tacos were super welcome. We went and played sports with the elders afterwards. We can't play futbol with them, that's a rule, but one elder brought a frisbee to the mission and we started a game of ultimate :)

The highlight of the week was a huge service project. All of the members and missionaries here in huanuco (there's two stakes) got together to clean the river. I have never seen more trash in my life. We all met together in the morning and they gave us our "helping hands" vests. We sang a song, said a prayer and then off to the river we went. We spent a good 3 or 4 hours cleaning up trash. People also came by to interview us and the governor of Huanuco took a picture with us. We're pretty famous here now :) The church publicity people here also interviewed us. Can anybody say Liahona? :) I really felt so special to be a part of the project. Everybody pitched in..... and if they couldn't come they sent food. I love Peru :)

That same day it rained.... actually poured. We went to the church to teach our english class and no one showed up. We had a couple of minutes before we had to be at the pension to eat dinner so we played in the rain. It was super funny because the elders got caught in the rain by the chapel as well and one elder ran under the shelter of the chapel while the other elder looked like a little kid with his giant smile and just stood in the rain and got soaked. I love this area.

Our area is really focusing on family history. We had some training for the missionaries and then training for the stake on how to keep people going to church by focusing on the temple and helping them with their family history. I'm really excited to start focusing on and working with this. It's making me excited to work on my own family history.

I hope you all are focusing on what you learned from conference and rereading or relistening to the different talks. Remember to ponderize!

Love, Hermana White

oh vosotros que os embarcais en el servicio de Dios mirad que le servais con todo su corazon, alma, mente y fuerza para que aparezcais sin culpa ante Dios en el ultimo dia

DyC 4:2

(the scripture I'm ponderizing) My goal is to memorize all of DyC 4. I really hope I got all of that right

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