Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Crazy Week

So this last week we had tranfers. President calls people to train that have to travel on mondays instead of tuesday so that they can travel on tuesday. I live in Huanuco right now so I am about 6 hours from Huancayo.  At 10 at night on monday I got a call from President Henderson to train a new sister.

 Tuesday morning I met the other missionaries that were training from Huanuco at the terminal so that we could travel together... turns out I was the only sister out of six missionaries that were training so I have to travel to Huancayo with two elders: Elder Checkets and Elder Lechuga. We made it to Tarma, a city about two hours outside of Huancayo just fine and then, about half an hour out of tarma our driver lost control of the car and we crashed coming around a turn into the guard rail. I am so grateful for seatbelts. Elder Checkets said that we were lucky to be alive so we said a prayer and then Elder Lechuga and I were hurting so we got blessings. It was actually a very cool experience because Elder Checkets just finished his training but was still able to give a blessing in Spanish. After an adventure we finaly made it to Huancayo at about 10 at night. I spent the night at President's house.

In the morning, before the training meeting, I talked with the new sisters that were coming in. There were two gringas and 4 latinas in the group that came in. When I asked one of the gringas where she was from she said Riverton Utah... turns out she's from the same ward as Sarah and Chris.

At the training meeting I'm pretty sure I made a fool of myself when she was called as my companion. So I'm a mom now :) My companion is Sister Petersen and I love her. I'm super excited for this transfer and the opportunity to teach Spanish and train my comp.

On the way home Hermana Petersen and I were the last people to climb into the bus. Guess who we saw when we climbed in: Elder Checketts and his son and Elder Lechuga and his son. My first words were: We're gonna die. We made it to Huanuco just fine. My poor comp, she's been eaten alive by mosquitos but she loves to work and she doesn't complain. She's probably the most chill person I've ever met.

That's all for this week. I love you all!!!!!

Love, Hermana White

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