Monday, October 5, 2015


So I'm pretty sure that this is everyones new favorite word.  I encourage you all to find a scripture every week and ponderize it. 

This week has been terrible and fantastic both at the same time.
Just about every appointment that we've had this week has fallen through and when we went to knock doors just about no one was home. It's been pretty rough but I've been blessed with a companion that is very upbeat and deffinitely a blessing to me.

We did have a baptism this week! The missionaries have been working with the Gamarra family for about 6 months now. The kids have been baptized one by one and we just baptized the youngest baptizeable child in the family: Dietmar. I've learned a lot in other areas about how to get people from the ward to come to baptisms and support the new member and this area has had a problem with that but we really worked with the ward this week and were able to have about 25 people show up. (the elders literally only wanted to set up 10 chairs when we were setting up which really made me quite sad but it was a good turnout). We love this family so much. The mom has already asked to pay tithing and she's not even baptized yet (she needs to get married first).

Also, in this area we've got two rooms right next to eachother in our apartment place. We have one room and another companionship has the other room. This week we helped one companionship move in and the other move out. With the new companionship we've gone running in the mornings (yes, it's ok to be shocked) and Hermana Patiño, who's Columbian is going to teach us to dance!!! I'm super excited!!!!

Conference this week was awesome! The gringos always have the opportunity to watch it in english and it's almost better than Christmas! I always learn so much from conference but in the mission it's like I just learn so much more. 

I love you all so much and I hope you really apply what you've learned and not just brush it off to the side. Pray for the prophet and the new apostles. Prayer really works.

Love, Hermana White

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