Monday, October 19, 2015

Zoe Hastings

Many of you may have read or heard news about a tragedy to a young woman named Zoe Hastings. Zoe was suddenly taken from this life to the next a week ago. Tara served with Zoe on the Dallas Texas East Stake Youth Council. We contacted her mission president to relay the news. These are Tara's comments about the experience and Zoe.

So this morning I got a call from President Henderson. He said that he had received an email from you about Zoe Hastings. I wasn't quite sure how to feel since the last time someone passed away that was close to me it was grandpa. I knew Zoe from youth committee and she has always been a good friend. There was a group of us in the stake that were pretty close and we would hang out a lot. I'm not sure why Zoe had to go when she did but I do know that our Heavenly Father did not need her here any more. Someone else on the other side needs her more. I'm so grateful for the time that I had to know Zoe. Thank you for letting President know before internet.

I was really hoping for a call from President Henderson today because he calls the trainers on monday. I really want to train. Ususally he calls in the afternoon though so it was weird when I got the impression to take the phone out of my bag at 8 this morning because I had the feeling that President Henderson was going to call. Sure enough I said "dear Heavenly Father" to start my personal study prayer and the phone rang. I was not sure how to take the news and I'm pretty sure that my companion thinks that I'm crazy because all I said was "I'm going to brush my teeth" I was doing fine until internet... like 5 minutes ago. It sounds like the funeral was beautiful. She deserves that. 

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