Monday, November 23, 2015

Bucket baths and coffee masks

This week has been quite the adventure. On Monday our zone did a scavenger hunt around Huanuco. Hermana Petersen and I got some pretty cool pictures including one with an entire possey of police men..... gringas get privileges :)

We then had a zone meeting at night so we didn't go out proselyting at all. The zone leaders really focused a lot on goal setting a goal acheiving. This is something that I really enjoy doing (now). Our time in the mission and during our whole life is so short. If we don't set goals for ourslves we won't be able to accomplish just about anything.

Tuesday morning we woke up to no water. The bottom floor (we live on the third floor) had water so we got a bucket and our trash can and went downstairs, filled them with water and then showered with cold, bucket water. We've done this all week besides saturday, somehow we had water on saturday. We also did divisions with the sister leaders so Hermana Petersen stayed in our area and I went to the sisters area to work. I definitely know why we're called to certain areas. It's very different teaching investigators that aren't yours.

Water Bucket Showers
Wednesday, my companion woke up with a rash and one of the sister leaders woke up sick. We had no signal so I went with the healthy sister leader at 7:30 in the morning to call the health secretary. After finally finding signal we went and bought medicine then we picked up our breakfast.... after bucket showering.... again we finally started the day at about 9. This week has just been crazy.

Water Bucker Line
Thursday, no one had water. There was a hose in a park outside of our room and a line of people waiting to get water. On the bottom floor there was a little water so we were up a little late filling up water buckets just in case. We also found out that Hermana Montero (the sister leaders third companion) was getting emergency transfered out, which was super sad. We said goodbye to her friday morning.

Friday, there is a sister in our ward who we recently reactivated.... her name's Gladis and she's crazy and I love her. Friday night we went to visit her and she told us that there is an old lady in the ward who is really, really sick so we said we'd go visit her with Gladis. Then, Gladis said she was going to cure her. She had a bottle of her friends breast milk in the fridge and she was going to rub it on the older lady's stomach. My companion and I about lost it and then Gladis said that she had a needle and was going to give her a shot! All my companion said was "Maybe we should call some priesthood." We got the elders to go over and give Theodosia (the older lady) a blessing. Then Gladis worked her breastmilk voodoo. Gladis is crazy but I love her.

Saturday the sister leaders (who are our neighbors) told us they had coffee in their room.... to put on your face so we made coffee masks.

Coffee Masks
Sunday was Sunday. Sundays are the best.

This morning my companion ditched me and went to Lima for three days to do paperwork for her Peruvian ID so I'll be in a trio until Wednesday.

I love you all!!!! Church is true

Love, Hermana White

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