Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Don't worry everyone, we have water now.

This week has been super interesting and sad and happy all at the same time. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was with the sister leaders becuse my companion decided to abandon me and go to Lima to do paperwork so she could stay in the country.... so I was in a different area teaching different people. I really know that we are called to certain areas because I felt like I just couldn't help these people the way the other sisters could. I really missed the people I was working with. Wednesday night my companion finally got back!!!! 

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We live right next to the sister leaders (Hermana McReynolds and Hermana Goyzueta) who are both from America so we celebrated Thanksgiving with orange soda floats and oreas and pringles and 9:30 at night. What made it special was all gathering in a circle to say a prayer of gratitude before giving ourselves diabetes. I really know Heavenly Father listens and loves us.

Saturday morning Hermana McReynolds left us. She finished her mission and should be home on Wednesday. It's sad to see a missionary leave to go home but it's also so cool to see that they know that their mission here is over and that the next step is at home. We also had a baptism! Leoncia is a sister who's been waiting to be baptized for so long but couldn't because she wasn't married. Two weeks ago she got married and Saturday she got baptized! The elders in our ward were teaching a girl named Selva (her name means jungle, cool right) and she got baptized as well. It was an incredibly special experience and we hope to work with her husband so that they can go to the temple and really be an eternal family.

Sunday was a day of miracle and cake. First we had the primary program. I love listening to the kids sing songs that really testify of simple truths. Our recent convert also blessed the sacrament for the first time and a member that goes with us a lot received her mission call to Argentina. We were also given cake three times by the bishopbric and the primary and different times throughout the day... it was a good day.

Transfers are tomorrow, we'll find out who's going and who's staying. Because I'm training my companion still we'll more than likely stay together. I love this area and the members and my companion so that's what I'm praying for.

I love you all so much!!! Welcome to the Christmas season!!!!

Love, Hermana White

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