Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pre-Christmas Week

This week has been an incredible pre-Christmas week. First of all, let me just tell you all that I love Christmas. It is never quiet in our room, there is always someone singing a Christmas song and it's just the best. 

Anyway, this week we did divisions with the Hermana Leaders. I was able to spend the day in my area with Hermana Cushcagua from Columbia. She actually came with me into the mission so it was fun to work with her and see how far we've both come.

Me and Hermana Goyzueta
The 19th was Hermana Goyzueta's birthday (the Hermana's live right next to us so it's four of us instead of just two). Hermana Petersen and I rushed out of the house in the morning and hid so that we could throw eggs at her. We all succesfully got covered in yoke. That same night we had a Christmas/birthday party with our pensions family. Our pension made a ton of food and we did a gift exchange with them. It's so fun to still have a family to celebrate Christmas with.

Yesterday we did not have P-Day because we had a multizone meeting for Christmas. There were five zones there. We all started out in the chapel and President and Hermana Hendersen talked to us about Christmas. They really focused in on the atonement and how Christ suffered for our sins but also our pains and sufferings. A group of us missionaries sang "What child is this" in spanish. It was definitely a fantastic way to spiritually welcome in the Christmas season. We then all went into the cultural hall and did a white elepahant gift exchange with everyone (I got toothpaste!) and each zone did a skit. Ours was pretty cool. It was called Huancayalipsis and it was about the last 7 transfers and the end of the mission Peru, Huancayo. President Hendersen surprised us all with a flu shot... yay. It was a blast.

I am so excited for Christmas and to see everyone on Friday!!!! I love you all and I am so glad that you made it to Utah safely.

See you soon

Hermana White

Also, Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!

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