Monday, December 14, 2015

Hermana Petersen and I are... staying together!!!!

Hermana Petersen and I are... staying together!!!! Six more weeks! I haven't had a companion two transfers in a row since my own trainer and we are stoked! 

This week we have been trying to get in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is very different here and so making it feel like Christmas, even in our room, is a bit difficult. We have decorated our room with snowflakes and we found a stocking in a pile of boxes that we finally cleaned out the other day. Also we taught our recent convert Leoncia and her family how to make paper snowflakes.... it had never occured to me that some people had never heard of a paper snowflake before

This is my first time staying in an area for longer than two transfers and I can really see how the people in the ward and the area start to become a part of your family. You just love them so much.

Yesterday we got to watch the first part of the Christmas devotional (we have to be in our room at nine and due to time differences the devotional started at 8 here) but what we heard was good. I absolutely love Christmas music, it's one of the things that touches me the most this time of year and the music in the devotional was beautiful :) Never underestimate the MoTab.

Other than this we've just been working. We don't have very many progressing investigators right now but we're really working on finding people.

I love you all! I hope your Christmas season has been off to a great start :)

Hermana White

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