Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When You Look In The Mirror

When you look in the mirror
what comes into view,
When you stare at the wall
and you looks at you?

A blemish? a spot?
wrinkles? and age line?
When you looks at you
ah the imperfections you'll find

You pull out your make up
and try to erase
and cover up the things
you don't like on your face

But you are so much more
than a few creams and liners
look through God's eyes
and you'll see something finer

When you see a wrinkle
He sees a laugh
a sign you've had joy
and smiled in the past

When you see a freckle
He sees the sun
A time when you've ran outside
and played with someone

When you see a scratch
He sees an adventure
A memory that, in your mind
you should treasure

When we see imperfections
He sees our lives
There's so much more to see 
When we look through His eyes

So when you look in the mirror
and you looks at you
try to see yourself
from God's point of view

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