Monday, April 18, 2016

Behold His Hands

You'll find there are times
when you feel weak and weary and tired
and you need to lean on someone else's strength
look up, not down
there's someone who can heal you
Don't give up, take hold of His loving grace

Behold His hands
take them if you're lonely
just reach out
He'll guide you where to go
Behold His hands
He's written you upon them
Every pain and every hurt He'll help you through
Behold His hands

At times it's hard
when the darkness falls in upon you
and there's no one in this world who'll understand
Just know He's there
He's felt every test and trial
and He'll help you change, have faith, He knows you can

Behold His hands
see the marks upon them
know there's hope
He's here to lift you high
Behold His hands
They're the one thing that's stable
Let Him write His name upon your heart
Behold His hands

And when the day comes
when we'll stand before our Maker
remembering all we could have but didn't do
We won't be alone
for we'll stand beside our Savior
And He'll plead our cause, He'll plead for me and you

Behold my hands
see the prints within them
Have mercy
I've already paid the price
Behold my hands
see how much you love them
You sent Thy son, they did all they could do

Behold my hands

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