Monday, April 11, 2016

"Dumb dog, why are you following me?"

We started out this week with a family home evening with some of the YSA and Rocio (our investigator). We watched the Restoration and when Rocio talked about the movie after she said that she really knew that it was true and also that our persistence in call her and visiting her really helped. Yay for bothering people with calls everyday! She's getting baptised this coming saturday and we're definitely excited. If you haven't noticed my companion and I have been together since January and we have yet to have a baptism. We've been working and praying so hard for Rocio. This Saturday will definitely be a great blessing for us and an even greater blessing for her.

Now on the subject of stalkers. We've had a dog that's been following us for a week now. She didn't just follow us proselyting but also howled and cried outside of our room and the pension when we wouldn't let her in. We didn't really know what to do because we tried to abandone the dog (now named Snickers) once but it somehow found its way back. Our pension has some land outside of Huancayo so we bathed the dog and sent it to the farm.... and Snickers is now the happiest dog in the world. I don't think our pension will ever forget us :)

Peruvian presidential elections were yesterday, if anyone wanted to know.

I love you all!!!!!

Love, Hermana White

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