Monday, April 25, 2016

The power of prayer

I'd just like to start out by testifying of the power of prayer. As you all know Chio was baptized a week ago. After every baptism we have to fill out a paper with the information of the person who was baptized. It's better (and basically required) to get it done sooner than later. My companion and I thought we were so on top of things and we got the information in the computer and printed out last sunday..... and then during the week we found a couple of errors. We could not get ahold of the ward secretary to help us until yesterday so we were a little stressed (who are we kidding we were a lot stressed...... stressing out is kindof a talent my companion and I have). We then needed Chio's signature but she had to leave church early to go to work. My companion and I prayed this morning as a companionship and personally that we'd be able to find Chio and get her signature. We walked out of our apartment to go to internet this morning and Chio was there  walking across the street with her mom. It was amazing. It's something so small but prayer works. I promise it works.

The highlight of the week was saturday. We had a stake wide talent show where every ward planned and prepared a talent or a skit or something to share. The stake mission leader asked my companion and I to direct the whole thing so the dirrection was a little rough but the show turned out so good. The people here really know how to laugh and make people laugh. In our ward the young women prepared a hip hop dance. In a couple of the wards people sang and one person played the sax. Two wards took the Jaredite story and changed it up a bit. One was a musical and the other was a play on the elections that Peru is having right now. Two of the youth danced the marinera (you should look it up it's beautiful). The missionaries during the whole thing were handing out copies of the Book of Mormon. The elders in our ward even received a reference. At the end of the night we got in a taxi to go back to our area with Chio and she said she was going to get out down town.... to buy a skirt!!! My companion and I about died when she told us that. Chio is absolutely amazing and definitely a miracle for us.

I love you all and can't wait to see you!

Love, Hermana White

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