Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Juan Direccion

We've made it!!!! We're finally Avansados!!! And this means...
well it means that we've officially mastered the concept of "fake it 'til you make it"
oh and we've only got two weeks left in the CCM!
This week has been incredibly average, except for the fact that my companion got super mega throwing up sick (she's better now, just in case you wanted to know) I told her that if she threw up on me we were done.
I'm literally struggling to find stuff to write about so these next few points are not going to be related at all
1) Texas and Peru just got a lot smaller. The other day we were practicing teaching on some Latinos that are preparing for missions (they just come help out at the CCM on friday nights just for fun) and I said I was from Texas he said "oh do you know Elder Meager?".... yup, yea I do. He said he was in his stake (La Molina Viaja... something like that) His name is Ever is Scott knows him. Also we were at the temple today and and outside were some parents picking up their son from the Lima East mission. Elder Kent... who I found out was Elder Meager's companion for like a week. So, thought that was cool.
2) So the Gringos become Avansados in their last two weeks at the CCM. The zone leaders and the sister leaders are always called from this group. Hermana Larsen and I have been called as the sister leaders for these next two weeks. We're very excited to interview and get to know and love all of the girls here :)
3) One time this week my teacher was trying to explain the difference between the imperfect tense and the past tense so he told a story. He said that Juan Direccion was walking down the road (imperfect) when all of a sudden a car hit him because he hates Juan Direccion (past)..... So now Juan Direccion is our class friend.
4) Also I've gotten to the best part in the Book of Mormon... aka Teancum shows up

I love hearing about all of your happenings :) it's a little piece of home right here in Peru. I was looking at my suitcase the other night just staring off into space and saw the orange ribbon that Mia and everyone put on there. I remember coming downstairs or something right before I left and all the littler ones came running out of the front room and said "we tied an orange ribbon on your bag so it wouldn't get lost" I love that. It's the simple acts of love that define our family. We may not like eachother all the time but we sure do have a lot of love to go around. I love you all so much. There are times when I can just feel your prayers sustaining me. So thank you for them.
I love you all :)
Love, Hermana Blanca

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