Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Secretly, I'm Latina

So if feels like just yesterday was last weeks Pday.... this week has totally blurred together... probably because we've been doing the same thing just about every day. So, let me tell you a little bit about what a day in the CCM is like:
6:00: Herman Pali's alarm goes off
6:05: Hermana McDonald (Hamberguesa) gets up because she actually takes time to do here hair
6:22: Hermana Larsen wakes up because Hermana White is on the top bunk and when she gets up the entire bed makes noise
6:30 typically the lights are on and most of us are somewhat awake
7:00: We make it down to el comedor for huevos (siempre huevos, cada mañana)
7:30: personal study
8:30: class: this could include grammar, gospel fundamentals or teaching our fake investigators
10:00: 2 hours until lunch, still in class, see above for options
11:00: 1 hour until lunch, still in class, see above for options
12:00: lunch!!!!! rice, chicken, some form of steamed yet cold vegetable and the best desserts you'll ever have (you all should be jealous of the food I'm eating, seriously: yum)
1:00: TALL or in other words: work on your spanish on this computer program in the lab with no AC and try not to fall asleep
2:00: Physical Activity!!!! (self expalantory, more to come on this later)
3:00: time to shower from PA but not completely dry off because that is impossible in this humidity
3:30: mas estudio! (me gusta estudiar)
4:45: mas clase (see above for options)
6:00: dinner!!!! (again, see above for options)
7:00: clase! (siempre clase)
8:00: 2.5 hours til bed.... mas clase
9:00: planning
like my peruvian pants???
9:25: head upstairs!!! brush your teeth put on pantalones! (ok, they're pajamas but whatever, we like to pretend), massage your comapñeras super tight shoulder, write in your journal, realize that you're a minute past lights out, say "family" prayer
10:30: lights out
10:33: really when the lights go out
Secretly I'm Latina.... my futbol skills are fantastic :) I talked about Gringo soccer last week but Latino soccer is so much fun! I've played it several times this week during PA (scored a couple goals, no biggie). It's actually super awesome to listen to the Latinos play, it improves your spanish and they're always like: careful with the Hermanas! Super great
We go to the Temple every Pday right? While we were there I looked at everyone dressed in white and said to Sister McDonald "I love how everyone looks like angels in the temple" can you guess which quote went through my mind?

If you guessed "Angel, mother" from pride and Prejudice (Hermana White is getting a bit rusty. The quote is actually from Emma, if you recall) you'd be right.... also you would probably also have guessed that when someone wants me to pass the servietas (napkins) down the table I say "Oh, sorry, napkin"
Also, one of the Hermana's did a fantastic Ros or Roz or Ross voice from monsters Inc You know, the I'm watching you, wizowski, always watching you (it made my life)

Anyway, I'd better save some thoughts for next week
I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Blanca
P.S. brownie points to mom for the Hercules quote

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