Monday, May 18, 2015

Normal Missionaries Eat Ice Cream

Let me introduce you to our district:
Elder Christianson and Elder Arroyo are the zone leaders, they're also the other set of missionaries in our ward. Elder Christianson leaves after next transfer to go home to his 14 brothers and sisters and Elder Arroyo leaves in 4 weeks to go home to Ecuador.

Elder Torres is the district leader and his companion is Elder Quispe. Elder Torres is from Hondures, speaks fluent English, sweetest elder ever and goes home in september. Elder Quispe doesn't talk and has 7 months in the mission (he actually talked to me for the first time yesterday when he asked how are baptism went.... I'll get to that in a minute) I was quite shocked actually that he had the ability to speak.

Hermana Keyes and Hermana Paez are the Hermana leaders in our zone (actually the hermana leaders are over the sisters in three zones). Hermana Keyes leaves after next transfer for Utah and Hermana Paez has 7 months in the mission

And then there's Hermana Johnson and I.... we are the normal missionaries in our district. We had a district meeting on Thursday and after the meeting everybody else kept sitting and I was kindof like "what are we doing now?" and then I realized that they were waiting for us normal missionaries to leave.... so we went and got chupetes de maracuya (basically homemade jungle otter pops). Normal missionaries have time for ice cream.

I'm sure your wondering about this baptism I mentioned earlier. Well it was incredible!!! Leslie is a 9 year old with the maturity of like a 13 year old. She's incrediblyintelligent and just amazing. We've been teaching her family and she's the first one to be baptized, her brother's baptism date is this saturday and he's already talking about getting the preisthood!!! Their parents are getting married before they can be baptized and they've got a marriage date set for the end of June!!!! Marriage in the morning and baptism that night. We've come to love this family as our own. They're just incredible. They've also got two younger kids, one who's 5 and one who's 3 and everytime we come over they get excited and start yelling "Hermana Why, Hermana Jo!" over and over again. We love them so much :)

I hope everything there is fantastic, it definitely looks like it from the pictures :)

I love you all

Hermana Blanca

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