Tuesday, May 26, 2015

For Libby

Congratulations, you've reached that age
It's the time in your life where you start a new page
It's white and it's blank, just waiting for your pen
So blow out your candles, eat some cake, and then....

Dip your quill in the ink, just let the words flow
with your life in your hands oh the places  you'll go
This word or that word? there's so much to choose
But put your heart in your story, there's no way you can lose

Sometimes there'll be blots, I'm not gonna lie
You'll want to cross something out, you might want to cry
You'll then start to notice that pens don't have erasers
Because nothing beats the whiteout of our Lord and Savior

Never look back, write left to right, not reverse
For a story that doesn't progress is the worst
Always keep learning, never stop writing
Fill it with twists, make it exciting

I love you LIbby, you're gonna do great
To see where you go, I really can't wait
And when we're both old, we'll be able to read
Our very own life, adventure stories

Happy 18th Birthday!!!

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