Monday, June 29, 2015

Elder Waddel

This week Elder Waddel of the seventy came and spoke to us in multizone conferences. Actually it was this morning, which is why I didn't write earlier. It was really cool to come into the conference this morning and see all the hermanas from my group in the ccm, all three of the latinas are in huancayo right now which is pretty cool. It was awesome to say hi to them!

Elder Waddel spoke to us this morning about missionary 2.0. We are no longer out here on the mission to just baptize. We are here to baptize, retain and activate. We are here to teach with the end in mind. Teaching with baptism in mind brings baptisms but teaching with the temple in mind brings converts. It was very inspiring to listen to him.

Let me tell you, I am a complete whimp when it comes to altitude. We went to Concepcion last monday for pday to hike up to a giant virgin statue that you can go inside of. It would have been like a 10 minute hike but it took twice as long because I had no oxygen in my lungs. I miss sea level.... but it was worth it. It was beautiful!

Also we have an excuse "nuestros espiritus son gordos porque comen cada dia" - Hermana Orellana.

Also another quote if you will. "you take the picture because you have the longest arms" (translated) for our zone hermana selfie in the virgin... perks of being like a foot taller and the only gringa in your zone.

I love you all!!!!!

Love, Hermana White

Also, Hermana Henderson (president's wife talked today and she's very strict with the latins in them learning english. She was talking about english interviews this week and how us gringos are supposed to help with the language tests and I had five latinas all turn to look at me. Yup, I've got some teaching work this cambio :)

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