Monday, June 8, 2015

Guacamole and Historia Familiar

So my companion and I have been given the assignment of being the
sisters over family history in our area. Every Thursday from 4 to 8 we
have to be in the stake center helping people with family history. This past Thursday was our first time... and nobody showed up. So for
four hours we were able to explore our own family history. It makes me
so sad that I didn't get into family history before the mission because it is so cool! I'm way super excited to work with the members
in our stake and then to go home and work on my own family history!

Also, Thursday, on our way to the family history place we passed a little shop with this chocolate cake on the counter... umm, yes. So we bought cake and contacted the lady there. She was super nice. We were then walking again and we were like: "Hey lets make guacamole so we have a snack when people come" So we went looking for palta (avocado) and the first two little tiendas didn't have any. We kept walking and I look above my head and right above us, over the sidewalk, is a giant avocado tree. The were too high to reach but still, I am so blessed to be serving in the jungle. Anyway, we got the stuff to make guacamole but we didn't have a spoon or a knife... or anything so we walked back to the cake lady and asked if we could make guacamole in her shop. She said yes and then asked what guacamole was. Seriously though, Peruvians are so nice, random people just let you make crema de palta in their stores. Also we introduced someone to guacamole. Also also, I found out from my companion that if you leave the pit in the guacamole it doesn't go brown.

I know you were super interested to hear about my guacamole story.

The work is awesome, the area is beautiful and my companion is fantastic.

I love you all!

Love, Hermana White

Happy BIrthday Dad!

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