Monday, June 1, 2015

The Cat Came Back

Yes, if it looks like there are grass or tin or chickens
on the're probably right
Sometimes weird things just happen on the mission. Let's look at last tuesday (happy birthday Libby) for example:

Wake up at 6:30, that's pretty normal, exercise, eat breakfast, study. So far we're doing pretty good. Then we have a district meeting and one of the zone leaders says, Hey, there's a package for you we're going to go pick it up and bring it to you after this. Sweet! So after district meeting we head back to our room, do a little bit more studying and then we get a phone call from said zone leader. "Hey Hermana White, I'm really sorry but this package was actually for Elder White" Yea, bummer. I think the elders in the office were bored and thought it'd be funny. 

Anyway, so we go through the rest of our day and then we end with a family night thing with a family (bueno, two families) of less a bunch of less active girls ranging from 12 to 18 in age. It was super fun, we were able to just talk to them and gain their confidence, even the confidence of the oldest sister who is not a member. It was really special for me to see all of these sisters giggling and making a cake together in the kitchen. I love having so many sisters (Ben, you're awesome too). 

Anyway, now we get to the weird part. We went to visit a recent convert really fast and her mom was like: "you want a cat?" Um no thank you, we just like to come here to hold your cat and then give it right back..... five minutes later we found ourselves walking back to our room holding this cat. We were obviously really tired, without very much will power. We gave the cat to our pension and she brought it back in the morning saying that it had killed one of her chicks. Ok, so now what do we do with this cat? We shoved it out the window. Not 30 seconds later we got a knock on our window. This man hands the cat back to us "Hermana, your cat" As if to say, Hey, you accidently shoved this murderous beast out the window, here have it back. Thank you, thank you very much. We then brought the cat in a bag up to the down town area and let it out. Our district probably judges us so much.

On a much cooler note another investigator was baptized this past Saturday. Her name is Claudia and she was a street contact! She's 17 and basically the sweetest, most precious thing ever. She had a lot of questions and a lot of skewed beliefs at first but now she has a strong testimony and participates in all the activities at church. We just love her so much!!!!

I love you all! Enjoy the flood up there in Texas. (that's so weird to say up there when refering to Texas)

Love, Hermana Blanca

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