Monday, June 22, 2015

Sweater Weather

Monday: hermana johnson got a call that she was training again for her last transfer.... which meant that I was leaving the area. Transfer calls don't go out until Tuesday night so I had to learn the Heavenly Virtue of Patience

Tuesday: Hermana Johnson left for Huancayo (Bye mom) and another hermana who was waiting for her new companion (her previous companion had finished her mission) came to La Merced to be my companion for the day: Hna Quispe, from Bolivia. We proselyted and waited ever so patiently for the zone leaders or the district leader or anyone to call but no one did... so we took matters into our own hands and called the sister leaders.

Last Jungle Photo
Wednesday: I left for my new area: La Libertad in Huancayo! My new companion is Hna Orellana from Bolivia so I've been in non stop spanish mode since wednesday afternoon. We share our area with the office elders but they don't get out of the office much so it's basically just us.... which means our area is HUGE! Also, I am freazing. I have been literally living in the nice hot jungle for 3 months so when in comes to anything cold I am basically a baby now. And apparently it's only fall! Let me put it in perspective for you... the only reason I take a shower in the morning in because it's a rule, I wore wool socks to bed the other night and the lady's voice saying "sweater weather" won't leave my head.

Thursday: we had a zone meeting with the president. Turns out I am literally the only gringa in my zone. It was really cool, President Henderson talked about loving the work and loving the people and working hard BECAUSE we love the people not for numbers.

Saturday: We were able to go to the cultural devotional for the dedication of the trujillo peru temple. It was so awesome to watch all of the cultural dances of northern Peru. 

Sunday: The dedication of the Trujillo Peru temple!!!! President Uchtdorf and Elder Bednar came to dedicate the temple. Because we went to the first session we were able to see them put in the corner stone. It was so cute to see President Uchtdorf invite some children up and talk to them in english but they couldn't understand a thing he said. :) Also, I am incredibly grateful for the temple. I am so grateful that my family is sealed for time and all eternity. It's amazing to see how much I took forgranted before the mission but I'm learning now how lucky I truly am to have been born in the gospel.

I love you all!

Also, congratulations April!

Love, Hermana White

yes, the area is called la libertad and we cover downtown huancayo. The other elders in our area are the office elders so we're right in the middle of everything. (also, I'm pretty sure president thinks he's super funny, Elder White is one of the four elders in our ward)

Also, just thought i'd let you know that me self esteem has never been higher. The other day someone called me a princess. I'm amazed that people have not crashed their cars from staring as they drive by. The little kids are the funniest. They'll point at me and then their parents will grab their hand and try to teach them manners about not pointing at gringas.

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