Monday, August 31, 2015

Out Of The Blue

So this week was one full of surprises.

A member in our ward has been waiting for his mission call and he's been going out with us to appointments. We've become really good friends with his family and monday morning we got a call that he got his call!!! Him and his family wanted us to be there with them and it being PDay we were able to go:) He's going to the Peru, Piura mission. 
Also, we dressed up :)

Tuesday .... I don't remember. I'm pretty sure we walked a lot and in our area, walked a lot of the time means hiked.

Wednesday was pretty normal...except not. In the morning we had an "emergency meeting." with the missionaries in our stake. Turns out we've got a stake ward coucil this coming sunday and they asked the missionaries to do a skit demonstrating a bad ward council. I get to play the role of...... the primary presdent (go figure, right)

Thursday we had our district meeting. My district leader surprised me the night before with a call "hey can you teach english tomorrow?" Yea, surprise. It was fun though :) I'm the only gringa in the zone (again) and one of two gringos out of ten people in our district so there are a lot of people that need to learn English. I realized how much I really enjoy teaching :)

Friday and Saturday, I would like you all to know that I have never had a hangover (never had a reason to) or a migraine but I could hardly help friday in lessons and I was bed ridden most of saturday because I could not move my head. I've never had a reason to use the word excrutiating before either. It was terrible. Luckily it died down at about 6. I woke up and said "I'm hungry" My companion basically said "there's my companion!" Yea, siempre hungry. Luckily I got better because we had a baptism at 7. Abelardo!!!! He's friends with basically all the young men in our ward and finally got baptised. He's been attending seminary and church and everything but couldn't get baptised because he didn't have the missionary lessons. We finally finished them this week. He shared his testimony after his baptism and all he could say was "I'm so happy"

Sunday: Eh, normal

I love you all. Don't worry my head is all better now. We have no idea why it hurt so bad but I got a blessing from my pensionista's husband so everything's ok now. Oh, also, thank you uncle Richard for the oil... it's come in handy multiple times already.

Love, Hermana White

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  1. Love it all-(except the headache of course) and really loved the dress up clothes. So bright and beautiful.